Thanks a lot that Ähtäri Zoo Finland is listed for the nomination for  the Giant Panda Best Friends Award 2019. 

The panda couple Hua Bao and Jin Baobao arrived in Finland, via Helsinki-Vantaa Airport,on 18 January 2018. This is one of the biggest ways in which Finland has been involved in international nature conservation work. The panda couple has been happy and healthy. “Everything has gone well, and they have eaten a lot of bamboo. They need 12 to 30 kg of it a day. The pandas also get panda cake and some carrots and apples. Adult pandas weigh between 90 and 150 kg.

Jīn Bǎobǎo, a.k.a. Lumi, weighs a little over 110 kg, and Huā Bào, who is also called Pyry, weighs some 130 kg,” says the vet Heini Niinimäki.

Jīn Bǎobǎo, a.k.a. Lumi

Photo Ähtäri Zoo Finland: Jīn Bǎobǎo, a.k.a. Lumi

The panda project is a part of the Ähtäri Zoo’s long-term Master Plan 2030 development programme. This is a system that strengthens Ähtäri Zoo’s internationally recognised work in conserving endangered species and continues the strong development work of the leading Finnish destination for nature and family tourism.
Lumi and Pyry live in their great Snow Panda House, which was finished in December 2017. The area of the Snow Panda House is ca. 2,400m², the site covers over 10,000m², and the outside enclosure is ca. 4,000m². The building provides the pandas with private rest areas, indoor and outdoor enclosures, and various stimuli such as climbing facilities and water elements. In the welcoming indoor facilities, the public can

Photo Ähtäri Zoo Finland: Hua Bao – Pyry

follow the panda couple’s life through large glass walls. The indoor conditions are equivalent to those inside a greenhouse.

The humidity level is precisely defined and the temperature is controlled so the vegetation thrives and the pandas are able to behave as their species normally does. This is important to keep them happy and healthy. Also, the pandas’ food needs to be stored in precisely defined conditions.

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