Launched on August 6, 2013, iPanda is an multi-media platform themed on China’s national treasure – giant panda, run by, a new media organization under China Central Television (CCTV). Internet users worldwide can access the 24-hour live broadcast of giant pandas’ everyday life at China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding as well as a host of amazing panda videos from iPanda’s official website in both Chinese and English (, official App(iPanda) and popular social media platforms. In addition, iPanda offers mobile live videos of major events concerning the giant panda such as the release of pandas into the wild, panda mating, and debut of baby pandas, teach information about the conservation of the giant panda and other rare wildlife species, and raises awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.

iPanda Studio

In February 2017, a video of a baby panda holding onto a keeper’s leg released by iPanda went viral on the Internet.

It was reposted by more than 50 major Chinese and foreign media outlets or websites, including People’s Daily, CCTV, CNN, BBC, NBC, ITV, Washington Post, and Daily Mail, racking up over 1 billion views and called by foreign media as an amazing video of China.

During his state visit to Germany in July 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the ceremony to open the new Panda Garden at Berlin Zoo, which was extolled by foreign media as an impressive example of China’s panda diplomacy. As people across the world become increasingly fond of the giant panda, iPanda is sending a message of peace and friendship to the world and showing China’s readiness to work together with all other countries in wildlife conservation.

Source: iPanda (CCTV)