About the award

With the “Giant Panda Best Friends” animal and wildlife conservation society recognizes “GPFriends International nonprofit UG” people, institutions, organizations and institutions who are committed to animal welfare and species protection and especially for the giant pandas.

The goal is to recognize and publicize special noteworthy projects and activities. This price is not provided with a prize money.

In the future there will also be an audience award. To this end, candidates are nominated via the Internet and determined in an online vote of the winners.

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The selection of the winners

An award will be made exclusively on a recommendation or application in advance and a successful nomination. By means of a public vote 10 applicants are nominated over the Internet. Decisive for the selection of the nominees is the highest number of online ratings. Finally, a jury will decide.

The jury

The jury is composed of members and senior management of the organization “International GPFriends profit UG” and last year’s winner of a meet and decide on the granting of the award.